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Cleveland Multidimensional Personality Inventory Cleveland Multidimensional Personality Inventory (CMPI) is an ongoing project intended to develop and advance a new tool for the screening and assessment of personality functioning in both the general and clinical population.

To facilitate the communication between the users this new inventory relies heavily on the DSM-IV and combines more traditional method of test development such as criterion keying, indexes for the assessment of response bias and response consistency with more sophisticated web based methods. The distinctive feature of this new inventory is that it includes a dynamic diagnostic screening procedure, relies on item analysis, and new experimental methods for indentifying lack of cooperation.

Cleveland Multidimensional Personality Inventory Since the CMPI is an ongoing experimental project researchers and clinicians should be cautious when using it for making diagnostic decisions. Users who would like to become a part of our community and collaborate on research are encouraged to send emails to the web site. This is particularly true with regard to graduate students or researchers who would like to receive access to the inventory’s database. Those who join the CMPI and make significant contributions to this project will receive the proper acknowledgement. Neuroprocess LLC reserves the right to screen out applicants or professionals who wish to join its community.